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I have not assisted in the natural process of the ageing process and I certainly do not have the best at-home facial care routine. I am known for grabbing the wet wipes for fast fix make up removal. As for creams and lotions perhaps my skin enjoys such 'luxuries' around Christmas when i am treated or 'encouraged' with gifts from friends and family..

When approached by aesthetic professional, Carole-Anne to hold a clinic I was tempted to give it a try., its not the first time I have considered Botox and I have had a free consultation before but a combination of nerves and cost put me off that clinic

I had a few conversations with Carole-Anne and booked myself in with a no obligation booking.

I made my way up to the salon. Carole-Anne spent almost an hour with me, assessing my areas of concern, talking through any potential side effects, chatting through the medication I am on and simply making me feel relaxed, I am not keen on needles!!

I decided that I would go ahead and Carol-Anne mapped out where she would inject after pulling a range of funny faces to trigger all my lines and wrinkles. She reassured me that there would be no pain, maybe the smallest of scratch like/pinch experience.

We started on the the deep crease between my eyebrows, the frown line. it was a deep line. I was told to take deep breathes in and out, I was obviously up tight. The first needle, which I must point out was almost impossible to see as they are so small., could barely be felt. I laughed saying "you are right, that was easy" I went on to have a further two injections in that area. Carol-Anne stopped and asked if I was ok before she moved on to the creases around my eyes (smile lines) with that I had a rush of heat and felt slightly dizzy. I am not an overly anxious person but can experience almost panic attack symptoms and it was obvious to see, due to being slightly nervous about the treatment, that my adrenaline had kicked in. Carol-Anne gave me a glass of water and told me to take deep breaths. I did feel a bit silly as it hadn't hurt.

I was asked if I wish to continue and I was keen to as it was totally pain free and was feeling much better.

Three injection on one side and a further three the other it was all over in less than 10 minutes.

I was told the results could take between 10 and 14 days and to be patient. My husband said he thought it would be like filling a profiterole with cream, an instant puff up (he is a chef) but Carol-Anne said it more like a fine wine and to be wait.

Although I am on blood thinners, and bruise easy I experienced no bruising at all.

As the days went on I could see the change in the depth of the lines and 10 days later I could see a noticeable difference. Nobody asked if I had had Botox but I had lots of comments saying I looked great and had I changed my makeup

On this occasion I decided not to have my forehead done as Carol-Anne mentioned I may experience a heavy feeling above my eyes and, as I was heading off to London for a celebration weekend I didn't want the risk of this experience but I am certainly booking myself in for her next clinic to look at my forehead.

Would I recommend Carole-Anne, simple answer YES! she was patient, professional and I felt reassured and well informed throughout my treatment

I am seriously impressed with the results.. This was not a free treatment, this is not a paid as and for those wishing to ask me privately about my experience feel free to direct message me via my Instagram account @withtastebuds - excuse the strange face pulling below!!

If you are looking for a natural look, where people know there is something different about you but cant quite see what it is then book in for a consultation 07833235217

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