New Year Resolutions!

Making a New Year resolution can seem a great idea but lets keep realistic, failure is never a great feeling and can be more harmful than that new idea of how to self improve.

At Purely Polished we are fans of making them achievable and like to consider them as a change of habit rather than a punishing endeavour. or even a treat, like cleaning and moisturising with gorgeous products it makes you feel indulged and special.

I have an addictive personality, and once I get past the challenge of the first two weeks, suddenly something that seemed a chore becomes a new addiction. The first two weeks are the hardest!

This can be anything from quitting the grape juice, exercise, earlier nights or even a new self care practice.

This year if you are looking to give your body some wellness which ultimately will benefit your confidence and and mental wellbeing then here are some of our top tips.

We would love to hear what you are hoping to achieve in 2022


Look at what you did last year, What did you achieve and what do you wish you had achieved?

Write it down! Writing empowers and strengthens your commitments, Writing a check list and crossing them off as you complete them motivates and will show you exactly how much you did achieve and gives you the new list for your future goals.


Finding a way of stopping something you that have grown to love, like curling up on the sofa with a bag of popcorn. treating yourself to a glass of wine after a long day or maybe a cigarette after dinner can be the ultimate challenge to break. The battle will be finding something to replace that habit.

Maybe replace the sofa hug with visiting new places on your doorstep, maybe walking around your local village, suddenly you will notice things you have never seen before, they could be property styles, views you hadn't experienced whilst in the car, even street names and why they could be called that, the sofa will still be there after your time out.

Google can provide lots of recipes why not challenge yourself to finding the ultimate grown ups mocktail. Soft drinks can be boring and often loaded with sugar but actually there are some tasty alternatives and children love to get involved too

Gyms, they can be quite intimidating especially if you have to go on your own. Why not start with You Tube and look at fun work outs, or maybe , like me you loved the rave and club days, then turn up your favourite old school classics and get dancing around the living room, you will be surprised how energising this is and Alexa is a great DJ


How many times when you are stressed out or see someone else struggling, do you say 'just count to 10' well use this idea more often, especially when you are lacking motivation and you are feeling low, anxious or having any negative thoughts, take a moment, count to 10 and then physically move. Get off the sofa, out of bed, count and train your brain to be distracted this will momentarily shift your thinking and do something constructive. This is a skill which needs practice but you may find that the movement is more of that club dancing!


You know sometimes our ideals are beyond our capabilities and if you find this is the case modify it, perhaps next year you will get closer.

You want to walk 18000 steps a day but work commitments change, perhaps your shift patterns alter or its dark before you home, just adjust, not too much! but agree 10000 steps is better than an excuse.

Remember the most important resolution you can achieve is time for yourself, some pampering, relaxation and personal rewards. This will make you happier and healthier person. At the Salon we offer a sanctuary to revive and recharge your batteries and discover new routines.

Whatever goals you give yourself we wish you a very Happy 2022

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