Reiki is best understood when experienced!

For me, being talked through what Reiki is was nothing less than witchcraft, a kind of magic from someone with supernatural powers either that or utter balderdash! How can someone make you more balanced, relaxed and potentially energised, and not even having to lay a finger on you? I have learnt a lot from the Beauty Industry in the last 12 months, I have learnt that wet wipes are not a normal facial routine, I have learnt that gold coated magnets can offer amazing results to the skin through proven science, that bamboo is not just something for your garden but can be heated and offered as a treatment and that crushed gem stones are the powerful ingredient to most Red Carpet events and not just the huge diamonds often shining in accessories fashioned on the evening. Everything has an energy, a vibrational energy. Energy can have different levels of frequency and can apparently become blocked or trapped. The lower the frequency of your energy the higher the chance for more negative energy to react with your mind through your body. Negative thoughts or lower frequency of energy can manifest itself into a form of depression, stress and anxiety. Depression and anxiety can have long term effects on our immune system and on our physical health, as does a physical condition on our mental health so it is vital to balance the energy. Reiki is not a new age practice, in fact it is an ancient practice which has been proven to promote healing of the mind, body and spirit. So what did I experience as an uptight, stressed, anxious, non-believer? Firstly, I was asked to lay in a very relaxing environment with soothing music and soft lighting. I didn’t have to remove any clothing but had been recommended to wear something loose and comfortable. I was covered in a soft fleece so I was warm and as relaxed as I could be. Alison, the Reiki Master at Purely Polished, then started to place her hands on my head, temples and forehead, resting them in place for perhaps 5/10 minutes on each area. Alison told me to try and empty my mind of thoughts and to imagine white light, I worked hard to do this really wanting to play my part in the treatment and hoped to experience the benefits. Within a very short period of time I nearly asked Alison to stop, I was having an overwhelming feeling of release almost to the point that I was letting myself go and worried that this was almost like dying. I persevered and tried to calm down, concentrating on breathing and going back to emptying my mind and, as I let the idea that I was dying go from my thoughts I began to feel more relaxed. Alison worked down my arms, legs and onto my feet but quickly returned to concentrating on my head. The treatment lasted around 40 minutes and was the most strangest encounter I have ever had. I think my problem is not being able to let go, let go of tension, stress, anxiety and emotion which I know has a detrimental effect on my physical health. I truly believe that if I learn, with the help of Reiki, and other treatments, I may be able to naturally relax rather than depend on alcohol and a false facade, the make-up most customer facing roles take on and especially those with a huge work load. I must point out that Reiki is not a treatment to replace any medical treatments you are currently undergoing or replace any medication that you have been prescribed. Reiki works well in conjunction with traditional medical treatments and therapy.

To discuss whether Reiki is right for you email or call 01328 803500 and ask to speak to Alison

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